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Rewatching Veronica Mars!

This is a rewatch and discussion community for those of us who feel that the passing of Veronica Mars left a rather large and irreplaceable hole in our hearts. If you miss hearing the Dandy Warhols and watching Kristen Bell smirk on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this one's for you. And if you've never seen the show before, WHATEVER ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

  • Signups are on a rolling basis. Join the community anytime you like. You must join to participate in discussion posts (and craft posts of your own!), but anyone can watch and read. Once you join, please do read What The Hell Is Going On, so you can avoid getting yourself permanently banned for an ignorant misstep.

  • This is a community for discussion only. Fanfiction and icons are welcome as spinoffs from the discussion, but this is not a place to post them.

  • No flaming of characters or people. Flaming means making threats or using unreasonable insults. Flaming means making another user feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or terribly upset. Flaming means espousing racism, sexism, or other discrimination. Don't do it.

  • The viewing schedule is a rough guide. Try to stick to it, but we understand that the Powers That Be in your life prioritize things like moneymaking, family responsibilities, and schoolwork above things like Veronica Mars. (We think the Powers That Be are bullshit, but we understand.) Because you will get off schedule, tag your posts with the proper episode number and name. Tags are pre-provided: LiveJournal, and your friendly mod, have made this easy for you.

  • If you experience a problem, avail yourself of the handy page-a-mod feature. Let's put out fires quickly so we can focus on what's important: the awesome genius of Rob Thomas and his writing and production team.

  • Violation of any of the above rules could get you permanently banned; this is at the discretion of the moderator. Let's keep this a happy place. You know, not like Neptune.

For more on what Joss Whedon calls the "Best. Show. Ever.", please see Mars Investigations, the Veronica Mars WB site, and Neptune Site. Goooo pirates!

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