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What The Hell Is Going On

In case you were wondering, here's what happens in vm_rewatch, or The Great Veronica Mars Rewatch of 2008.

  1. You join the community.
  2. You pore over the viewing schedule (below) and watch some episodes. (If you're not sure where to get episodes, head to Amazon.com or ask a mod.) If you join after we start and you'd like to catch up, go for it. If you'd rather not, just find where we are on the schedule and start there.
  3. You make discussion posts where you are free to gab about anything you like, as long as it has to do with episodes of Veronica Mars. (These will typically be reaction posts to episodes, polls regarding events in certain episodes, or long musings about characters and plotlines, but feel free to be creative within our healthy confines!) You will tag your posts with the appropriate episode name/number and, if applicable, characters. You will put anything beyond three or four paragraphs behind an LJ-cut.
  4. Your life wins.

The Great Veronica Mars Rewatch of 2008: VIEWING SCHEDULE

We generally watch one episode of Veronica Mars per week, on Wednesday nights. Follow along as you see fit, but we feel there's no better way to break the week in half. This viewing schedule is always subject to change, but your friendly mod will post an update here and again to the community if it does.

July 21x01 - "Pilot"
July 91x02 - "Credit Where Credit's Due"
July 161x03 - "Meet John Smith"
July 231x04 - "The Wrath of Con"
July 301x05 - "You Think You Know Somebody"
August 61x06 - "Return of the Kane"
August 131x07 - "The Girl Next Door"
August 201x08 - "Like a Virgin"
August 271x09 - "Drinking the Kool-Aid"
September 31x10 - "An Echolls Family Christmas"
September 101x11 - "Silence of the Lamb"
September 171x12 - "Clash of the Tritons"
September 241x13 - "Lord of the Bling"
October 11x14 - "Mars vs. Mars"
October 81x15 - "Ruskie Business"
October 151x16 - "Betty and Veronica"
October 221x17 - "Kanes and Abel's"
October 291x18 - "Weapons of Class Destruction"
November 51x19 - "Hot Dogs"
November 121x20 - "M.A.D."
November 191x21 - "A Trip to the Dentist"
November 261x22 - "Leave It to Beaver"

This schedule will be updated as time goes on. We will be watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars, plus probably the fantastically ass-kicking Season 4 presentation.